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Wondering how to login your router? In this article, we will be showing full steps on you can access admin page using default username and password. is one of the most popular default login IP used by various routers brand. Most of us are already aware of the router and IP address. is one such another router IP which is used as a default gateway for a various brand like Huwaei, Netgear, Arris, etc. With this unique IP, one can easily establish a proper with between its router and pc/laptop. IP Login Guide

Before proceeding further, Let me first give you a short overview of this post. Here are the key points which we are going to discuss:

  • What is Router IP
  • How to login to IP
  • How to access192.168.100.1 as ADMIN
  • Change password of 192.168.100.I Router IP
  • List of the routers using this IP
  • Default Gateway Login ID & Password For 192.168.100.I

What is Router IP? IP is one of the most used private IP used by routers like Netgear as their login gateway IP. This IP is not shared between more than one user, Only intended person is allowed to access the router setting via this IP. The different router has a different IP address associated with it. This IP is provided by the Internet Service provider, Most of the time this IP address is assigned by the manufacturer at the time of setting up of router. Using this IP address, We can easily access our router as admin. All we need is the login id and password for IP. Don’t worry mate, We have shared all the login credential of this router IP in the next section of this post. 

Default Router IP for

As we have already discussed above that each router is associated with some sort of default login IP. Similarly, This IP also has a default login URL using which we can easily access our all router settings. If we want to access router as admin then the very first step is to perform the login process and for that, we need default login IP gateway for IP. Below we have added the login URL of 192.I68.100.I this IP

Default Username and Password for 192.168.100.I

Whenever we want to access the admin settings of routers then we must need to have login credentials of that router IP. Router IP also has some set of default login id and password using which we can easily access the system. If we are logging in to the router for the first time we must need to enter the default user id and password of this 192.I68.100.I. Scroll down a bit to know the id and password of this IP:

How to Login to Router IP?

  • Before performing the login, We have to establish a proper connection between our router and our laptop
  • For establishing a proper connection, Use Ethernet Cables
  • Now you are down with the connection part
  • Next step is to open any of your favorite browsers
  • Type this URL in your browser and hit the enter button
  • If everything goes well then within a few seconds, A login dashboard will appear on your screen admin login
  • Now enter default login id and password to enter into the routers admin panel
  • We have already shared the full list of default credentials
  • After filling the required details, hit the enter button
  • That’s all, You have been successfully logged into the system

How to change the password of Router IP?

  • For changing the password of your router, You have to first login into your router system
  • Open any browser in your laptop/pc
  • Click Here to open the default login dashboard in your pc
  • First, Login with your default id and password [ Added in the above section of this Post ]
  • Within a few second, You are into the system
  • Now move to the settings > privacy > security
  • Select Change Password option there
  • Fill the required form details like username, old password, new password, etc
  • Don’t forget to hit the “Save Changes” option there
  • For verification purpose, Login into your system with your newly created password
  • Hurry, You have successfully changed the password of Router IP

How to access Router IP as Admin?

  • First of all, Open any of your favorite browser [ Chrome/Firefox Recommended ]
  • Type this in your browser and hit the enter button
  • If you are properly connected with your router then a login panel will be displayed on your screen
  • Fill the required info to login into the system
  • Note: Use your newly created username and password credentials to access the router IP as admin
  • Else, You will not able to access the admin settings
  • That’s all, You have successfully access the router admin panel
  • From here, You can easily control/modify your router settings
  • Enjoy πŸ™‚

List of Routers using IP Default Router Username and Password

How to reset your router?

Follow below-mentioned steps to reset your router, We have shared a short and quick guide on how to reset your router in the next section of this post.

  • Before proceeding further make sure that all your cables are connected in your router
  • Every router has a default RESET button on the back panel
  • Search for the same in your router back or side panel
  • All you have to do is to press this reset button for 10-15 seconds
  • That’s all, Your router will reboot again
  • Voila, You have successfully reset your router
  • Now all your router setting will be reset to default settings
  • Enjoy πŸ™‚

Final Words

That’s all for this informative post on Router IP. We have added all the essentials details regarding this router IP which included how to login into this router IP dashboard, how to change the password of this router IP. Still, confused? Or if you have any doubts regarding this IP then please let us know in the comment section. Our teammate will reply to you soon.

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